What’s the meaning of Abyaar?

The Arabic meaning of Abyaar is the Sources.

Who is Abyaar?

Abyaar is a major real estate developer operating across the Middle East region, and providing high quality real estate properties renowned for their modern designs and selected prime locations.

When was the company formed?

Originally established in 2002 as a limited liability company, Abyaar’s legal status was changed in 2005 into a shareholding company with a capital of KD 35 million, pursuant to a strategic partnership between Kuwait’s Aayan Leasing and Investment Company and Al Rashdan Group.

What’s Abyaar vision?

Abyaar’s vision is to develop boutique, contemporary destinations differentiated through exceptional quality, and contributing to raising the standards of lifestyle. And operates in compliance with the principles of Islamic Shari’a.

Who is Abyaar major shareholders?

  • Aayan Leasing & Investment Company
  • Muthanna Investment Company
  • Wafra International Investment Company
  • Rashdan Enterprises

What do Abyaar develop?

Abyaar develops residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects, using accomplished external and interior architects to create an unparalleled boutique product.

When was Abyaar listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange?

Abyaar was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 2007, the Company's capital was raised from KD 48 million to KD 53 million in 2008, and then to KD 106 million in 2009.

What’s Abyaar authorized share capital?

KD 106.727.500

What’s Abyaar paid-up capital?

KD 105.591.538