With a flair for the refined, Abyaar redefines luxury, creating signature buildings, each distinct and yet all built to the same principle of the highest standards.

Starting with the selection of prime locations, some of the finest architects from around the world design an attractive master plan that enriches the skyline and complies with Dubai Municipality's Green Building standards.

Our philosophy continues through the planning of the interiors, which are created by celebrated interior designers, using high-quality furniture and finishes installed by carefully selected contractors.

By paying attention to the requirements and tastes of our clientele, we have created detailed guidelines to ensure that every project meets our exacting standards of luxury and refinement, from the 5-star operators of our spas and common areas, to the specifications of the guest bathrooms.


Always aspiring to perfection, we have total commitment to uncompromising quality, nurturing excellence in every sphere of operation. When these elements come together they form excellence and we create beautifully crafted homes that are a joy to own and live in.

Paying attention to every detail, Abyaar seeks out the best locations, partners with the finest architects and designers, and commission’s first-rate contractors. Through partnerships based on mutual trust and common values, we create innovative projects that satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of the most demanding clientele.

Ensuring Excellence

Before procuring a site, we assess the feasibility of the surrounding environment and supporting infrastructure. We also consider the development mix, the demand and growth potential, and the clientele the location is likely to attract. This phase allows us to create an overall picture of how the project will serve the community, complimented by other nearby developments.

When creating the commercial master plan, we conduct an independent market feasibility study and have our plans reviewed by a credible third party. These measures support our process of optimizing the built-up area while maintaining our standards of luxury. We then select a recognized architect whose award-winning expertise will add value to the project.

During the design development, we review costs with appointed consultants, our sales and marketing team provides feedback on the design and finishes, and a third party reviews the overall structure.

Following Abyaar approvals and final sign-offs, we select the many consultants and contractors required to ensure a smooth construction phase and a high-quality finished product.

Once construction has been completed and any minor faults and defects have been corrected, the project is handed over to the management team responsible for running the property before the completed development is launched and made available to the public.